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Fire-Breathing Lego Dragon

This exellent Lego dragon not only looks cool, he breathes fire!

I’m not sure what sets the Lego came from to create this. Maybe this one?

Via Gizmodo

Dave’s Cool Toy of the Day: Toyota’s Interactive Car Window

How cool would it have been to have had this on long car trips?

"Window to the World" would allow kids in the car to draw on the window with their fingers, get information about what’s outside the window, pinch to zoom and get a close up view of things you are looking at, and maybe much more.

This excellent technology is actually being developed by Toyota Motor Europe and the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. It would embed a touchscreen into the auto window and create an interactive display with (hopefully) all the features shown in this video and more.

Note: You may notice that the little girl in this promotional video is not wearing a seat belt. Toyota states that this is a simulation filmed in static, controlled environments. "All health and safety requirements were met for the described conditions. Toyota will never promote unsafe behaviors, and will always encourage passengers to fasten their seatbelts."

Via Gizmodo

Dave’s Cool Toy of the Day: Nike Tranformer Shoe


Megatron shoe. How odd.

Today’s toy isn’t new. But it’s very cool.

This Nike shoe can’t actually be worn, but it does transform into a bad ass robot. These official Nike miniature Transformer shoes are about six inches long when they are shoes and they transform into a likeness of either Megatron or Optimus Prime. Once they transform, the robot is wearing a very miniature version of the original shoe. They don’t come in sets, but as a single shoe.

The description notes that “Convoy” is the Japanese name for Optimus Prime, which is true, so it seems as if they were only sold in Japan.

They seem as if they are official Transformer items. The information I’ve found is very hard to tell if they were official or knockoffs. It does seem to have been released by Nike Japan and Takar Tomy, and it has the Nike logo and, I think, the Transformers logo on the robot (it’s hard to see in all the images I’ve found).

These must have been out for some time since they seem to have been tied-in to the first Transformer’s movie.

They sold in Japan for the equivalent of about $33.00 (although some places I see them as having sold for $95.50), but I have found them on Amazon selling for a VERY Pricey $160.00!

One thing this transformer shoe illustrates very well that I’ve always noticed about these toys is that in their shoe version, they look just like a shoe, but in their robot version, they are generally so complex that it hides the fact that there’s still a lot of “shoe” left behind.

I originally found a great video of this toy, but it can’t be embedded here. There’s another video below and you can see the original video here.


Dave’s Cool Toy of the Day: Singing Bird Pistols

These amazing toys are the Singing Bird Pistols. They date from 1820 and are made of gold and inlaid with diamonds and pearls. They sold for $5.8 million at auction at Christie’s in May, 2011. But the real treasure is the workings inside attributed to Frères Rochat. Check out the video to see their amazing design.



Dave’s Cool Toy of the Day: Toy Story Lego Minifig Alarm Clocks

buzz and woody toy story lego alarm clock
Buzz and Woody Minifig Alarm Clock

Today only at 1 Sale A Day, you can get the Lego Minifig Buzz Lightyear or Woody, Digital Alarm Clock for only $12.99.

They show the list price as $49.99, so your saving would be $37.00, but I have found these on Amazon for $24.99. This is still a great savings, though.

1 Sale a Day, means just that. They will have this on sale today only. At midnight it will be gone. But if you miss this deal, check back on their site. They often repeat deals a few weeks later.

Buzz and Woody are both poseable with movable arms and legs and includes a snooze button They light up at the touch of a button so kids can see the time at night.

If you’re seeing this post after the day it’s available, you can find this cool clock on Amazon.

Cool Toy of the Day: Jonas and Rusty Venture

Jonas looking happy and Rusty looking worried

This great action figure set being unveiled at this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego is a retro Rusty & Jonas Venture St. set with a tin lunch-box tote.

The set includes the former boy-adventurer and his dad as featured in The Venture Bros. episode "Escape to the House of Mummies, Part II". They are fully articulated and include real fabric clothing. Dr. Venture is 8 inches tall. It includes accessories such as goggles, ORB, backpack, and watch.

This great Venture Brothers action figure set will not be available until November, but you can pre-order it at Entertainment Earth right now for $44.99.

Jesse & Joy – Chocolate

Today’s post is a cool video from Jesse & Joy. It’s in Spanish, so I have no idea what they are saying, but it’s cool and fun. The video is made from cookies and other yummy candies and such.





Mini Star Building Sets Recall

Recalled Mini Stars Building Sets

Edushape, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, has issued a voluntary recall of their Mini Stars Building Sets due to a potential choking hazard. Plastic knobs can break from the center of the stars posing a choking hazard to young children.

There are two reports of the stars breaking off, but no injuries have been reported.

This recall affects about 18,000 sets. Additional sets were recalled in September 2010 of the Giant Starbuilders sets for the same issues.

Consumers should immediately take the sets away from children and contact Edushape for a free replacement set, or credit towards another product of equal or lesser value. Edushape’s phone number is 800-404-4744, or visit their website at




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