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Giant Legoman Washes Ashore in Florida

giant legoman
Legoman washed up on shore

A giant Legoman washed ashore in Siesta Key Village, Florida Tuesday. He’s about 8 feet tall and on his chest is the message "No real than you are." On his back is the name Ego Leonard and the number 8.

A google search leads to this website for Ego Leonard.

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first Legoman to wash up on shores. Three years ago, one washed up in Zandvoort, Holland, and one also washed up on Brighton Beach, England. This leads to the question "were they all released into the sea at the same time and this guy has been making the transatlantic journey ever since?"

A google search of the text on his torso leads to this website for Ego Leonard, which seems to belong to a group of Dutch artists.

The information on the main page of their website says:

"I would like to introduce myself:
My name is Ego Leonard and according to you I come from the virtual world. A world that for me represents happiness, solidarity, all green and blossoming, with no rules or limitations.
Lately however, my world has been flooded with fortune-hunters and people drunk with power. And many new encounters in the virtual world have triggered my curiosity about your way of life.
I am here to discover and learn about your world and thoughts.
Show me all the beautiful things that are there to admire and experience in your world. Let’s become friends, share your story with me, take me with you on a journey through beautiful meadows, words, sounds and gestures."

Below is some video of the most recent visitor to our shores.


Via BoingBoing


Cool stop-motion claymation

Since I recently posted about Google honoring Gumby’s creator, I happened to come across this video and thought it was very cool.

It was created by a London-based artist named Nicos Livesey. He creates them by making loaves of plasticine with intricate designs in them. He then slices them and stop-motion photographs them, creating these interesting animations.


Via Colossal


Toy Recall: Frog Mask

recalled frog mask
Recalled Frog Mask

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a voluntary recall of children’s frog masks sold at Target stores due to a suffocation hazard. Consumers should stop using the mask immediately. About 3,400 masks were distributed and are being recalled.

The plush frog masks lack proper ventilation and, when worn secured in place across a child’s face, it presents a suffocation hazard. There have been no incidents or injuries reported.

The mask being recalled is a green frog-themed mask with yellow and red highlights. There are two eye holes and an elastic band meant to secure the mask around the back of the child’s head. The label includes the UPC code 06626491474.

Consumers should immediately take the mask from young children and return the product to any Target store for a full refund.

For additional information, contact Target Guest Relations at (800) 440-0680 between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. CT Monday through Friday, or visit the firm’s website at



Google Honors Gumby’s Dad

google logo
Today’s Google Logo

If you visit Google today, you will be greeted by this logo shown here. The reason? It’s Art Clokey’s birthday.

You do know who Art Clokey is don’t you? Of course you do. He’s Gumby’s Dad.

Art first created Gumbasia, a stop-motion film, which let him to create Gumby and eventually an entire cast of characters including Pokey, The Blockheads, Prickle, Denali, and a few others. Gumby’s head was inspired by the hair of Art’s father.

Later, Clokey also created the Davey and Goliath series. (My friend, Rich, still uses Goliath’s voice to call me "Davey").

Art Clokey passed away in 2010 from a bladder infection.

Lots of Gumby Videos
are available for purchase on Amazon!



Dave’s Cool Toy of the Day: Bloody Organ Meats

dollar store meat
Dollar Store Organs

I love the dollar store. A lot of the stuff they sell is stuff I wouldn’t spend a dollar for. But this week I got a great deal on Halloween decorations. In fact I may go back for more before they are all gone.

For just a dollar each, I picked up the two bloody organ meats shown here. I picked the brain and the heart, but they had other organs as well.

They are packaged in a bloody tray and shrink-wrapped complete with a humorous label. The label on the brains says “Bogus Brains. Suggested Serving – Braised Left Lobe with lightly sauteed fava beans”. The hears label says “Cheating Heart. Suggested Serving – Ice cold, single portion with a lovely green sauce”.

I purchased them at our local Dollar Tree Store. Find one near you and get your organ meat while they last!

UPDATE: I found these on Amazon, but the price is $9.99! Big difference. They have the heart and brain.





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