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What is the most expensive toy on Amazon?

I was looking for new toys on Amazon today and I thought I’d check and see what the most expensive toy listed was. Aside from some collectible items and some items (like coins) that aren’t toys, the most expensive item that came up seemed really odd. I thought it must be a typo, and, in fact, there were some other items listed that shouldn’t cost quite that much.

The most expensive one was this adorable flower selling for $46,341.90 (with free shipping). Click the image to see the actual listing.

There was no description and I’m not really sure what it does. It looks like a windup toy. It is worth $46,000? Probably not.

Actually, I lied. The most expensive toy item was, in fact, this playset.

It sells for $48,895.00 plus $4,600 shipping. This is probably the first item on the list that can be categorized as an actual toy and seems like the price is accurate.

Followed by the next two items:

Selling for $41,207.76.

For $37,986.74

I continued looking through my search and there were many outdoor items and such that were quite expensive and many items that were WAY overpriced like the ones above.

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