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Toys“R”Us Recalls Clay Craft Kits Due to Risk of Mold Exposure; Sold at Babies“R”Us and Toys“R”Us |

Source: Toys“R”Us Recalls Clay Craft Kits Due to Risk of Mold Exposure; Sold at Babies“R”Us and Toys“R”Us |

20 Older Toys With Unbelievable Value

Do you own any of these older toys? With newer and shinier toys being released, older toys are getting a following, some people are even willing to pay thousands for certain ones.

Source: 20 Older Toys With Unbelievable Value

The great old game of “Operation” combined with Paintball guns makes for a much more stressful game

What happens when you wire a Paintball gun to the game “Operation”? Check out this video of a few guys who tried it to see the results. Don’t try this at home (but if you do, send us a video!)

Somebody Fixed The Emma Watson Belle Doll So It Doesn’t Look Like Justin Bieber

Would you buy the doll?

Source: Somebody Fixed The Emma Watson Belle Doll So It Doesn’t Look Like Justin Bieber

A Toy That Will Haunt My Dreams

I recently visited a local auction house and came across this very odd toy. It was listed as “Circa 1950’s Alvin & The Chipmunks Wind-up Toy with Harmonica”. I had trouble believing this was an actual production toy, but I indeed found it online and on eBay. Although some look a bit better made than this which leads me to believe that someone replaced the covering on this toy. I regret not bidding on him. Oh well.

CloudPets Toys Expose 2 Million Kids Messages Due To Unsecured Server, Hackers Held Data For Ransom : TECH : Tech Times

Hackers successfully accessed and deleted CloudPets user information before asking for ransom to restore the files. The data was reportedly stored in an unsecure server, exposing millions of children’s messages.

Source: CloudPets Toys Expose 2 Million Kids Messages Due To Unsecured Server, Hackers Held Data For Ransom : TECH : Tech Times

What is the most expensive toy on Amazon?

I was looking for new toys on Amazon today and I thought I’d check and see what the most expensive toy listed was. Aside from some collectible items and some items (like coins) that aren’t toys, the most expensive item that came up seemed really odd. I thought it must be a typo, and, in fact, there were some other items listed that shouldn’t cost quite that much.

The most expensive one was this adorable flower selling for $46,341.90 (with free shipping). Click the image to see the actual listing.

There was no description and I’m not really sure what it does. It looks like a windup toy. It is worth $46,000? Probably not.

Actually, I lied. The most expensive toy item was, in fact, this playset.

It sells for $48,895.00 plus $4,600 shipping. This is probably the first item on the list that can be categorized as an actual toy and seems like the price is accurate.

Followed by the next two items:

Selling for $41,207.76.

For $37,986.74

I continued looking through my search and there were many outdoor items and such that were quite expensive and many items that were WAY overpriced like the ones above.

Full-Scale Lego X-Wing Fighter Visits Manhattan

This is an awesome world record! Lego has built a full-size Lego X-Wing Starfighter.

It’s made of 5.3 million legos. And it’s a model of a lego model. Got that?

Weighing 46,000 pounds, it took 32 people over 17,000 hours to build and it’s on display for the next few days in Times Square. After that it will be moving to California.

How big is it? It’s 11 feet high, 43 feet long, and has a wingspan of 44 feet.

It was built to promote the miniseries The Yoda Chronicles on The Cartoon Network, premiering May 29.

Via Gizmodo


Some toy booths are empty at toy fair


The New Monopoly Token is…. A Cat!

monopoly token
The new token

As I posted earlier, Hasboro has been allowing the world to vote on what Monopoly token will be retired and which new one will take it’s place. I voted to retire the iron and replace it with the robot.

Well, the internet world has spoken, and the iron will, indeed, be retired. And it will be replaced by a cat. Which is, I guess, fair since there’s been a dog for many years.

This is your last chance to buy the iconic board game with the original set of tokens. So if you can’t stand change, buy the classic version before it’s too late.

And if you’d like to see the official results in a cute animation, check out their Facebook page.

Two Guys Made a Live-Action Remake of Toy Story

toy story kids
Jonason and Jesse at Pixar

This is awesome! Jonason Pauley (21) and Jesse Perrotta (19) have remade the entire Pixar movie Toy Story with live actors and real toys. Wow.

They used toys they found at Goodwill for their cast members. Some are not quite accurate. But they also created some toys from scratch which they couldn’t find (probably because they don’t exist). They have transformed two rooms in one of their homes into sets of Andy’s and Sid’s rooms (they must have amazing parents). It utilizes the original audio from the movie including the voices of Tom Hanks as Woody and Tim Allen as Buzz.

They even managed to get permission from Pixar to go ahead and post their video. One more reason why Pixar is awesome.

Check out the video below and when you’re done check out the outtakes.


Via Gizmodo



Keep out!

lego floor

There have been many nights when I had to walk into my kids room and I’d swear this is what their floor was like as I stepped on sharp Lego corners.

I once read an article with "tips" on how to train to be a parent. One tip was to spread tacks on the floor and walk on them to prepare you for walking on Lego. Good tip.









A short history of Lego

As Lego celbrates their 80th anniversary, they have produced a short animated film about the how the company began and their history. Check it out.




The Cool Talking Comic Book Cover

Check out this clever talking comic book cover for X-O Manowar.

They way it works is you use your smartphone to scan the QR Code, then place your phone on the dotted line and an animation begins that causes the illusion of the character speaking. Very clever and possibly one of the best uses I’ve seen for QR Codes.



Via BoingBoing

Awesome Dad and Great Kids Cover Depeche Mode

Check out these great videos below. They feature Dicken Schraden and his kids, Mila and Korben covering Depeche Mode songs. Dad is awesome and talented. The kids are adorable and amazing. One comment I read on YouTube sums it up for me, "wait till these kids grow older and finally realize just? how cool their dad was."


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