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Two Guys Made a Live-Action Remake of Toy Story

toy story kids
Jonason and Jesse at Pixar

This is awesome! Jonason Pauley (21) and Jesse Perrotta (19) have remade the entire Pixar movie Toy Story with live actors and real toys. Wow.

They used toys they found at Goodwill for their cast members. Some are not quite accurate. But they also created some toys from scratch which they couldn’t find (probably because they don’t exist). They have transformed two rooms in one of their homes into sets of Andy’s and Sid’s rooms (they must have amazing parents). It utilizes the original audio from the movie including the voices of Tom Hanks as Woody and Tim Allen as Buzz.

They even managed to get permission from Pixar to go ahead and post their video. One more reason why Pixar is awesome.

Check out the video below and when you’re done check out the outtakes.


Via Gizmodo



A short history of Lego

As Lego celbrates their 80th anniversary, they have produced a short animated film about the how the company began and their history. Check it out.




The Cool Talking Comic Book Cover

Check out this clever talking comic book cover for X-O Manowar.

They way it works is you use your smartphone to scan the QR Code, then place your phone on the dotted line and an animation begins that causes the illusion of the character speaking. Very clever and possibly one of the best uses I’ve seen for QR Codes.



Via BoingBoing

Awesome Dad and Great Kids Cover Depeche Mode

Check out these great videos below. They feature Dicken Schraden and his kids, Mila and Korben covering Depeche Mode songs. Dad is awesome and talented. The kids are adorable and amazing. One comment I read on YouTube sums it up for me, "wait till these kids grow older and finally realize just? how cool their dad was."


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Slinky on an escalator

A slinky on an escalator. Nothing more to say.





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Dr. Who Cast Tells Us Bedtime Stories

dr. who
The 10th Doctor Tells a Bedtime Story

Nerd Approved has collected some videos of Doctor Who cast members reading bedtime stories for the BBC’s preschool channel, CBeebies.

Cast members include David Tennant, Christopher Eccleston, Alex Kingston, John Simm, Freema Agyeman and John Barrowman.

A quick search of YouTube turns up more Dr. Who bedtime stories, but they have put together a nice collection.

I must admit that I’m not familiar with the books they are reading. Perhaps it’s been too long since my boys were little, or maybe it’s just that they are books published and popular in England.

But the videos and the concept is wonderful and I wish we had something like it here. Instead we have The Disney Channel.

Here’s one of David’s bedtime stories not include din the Nerd Approved posting.

Via Nerd Approved

A Day in the Life of Monkey, a Rescue Dog

A day in the life of Monkey, a rescue dog. Adopt a pet – you’ll both be into something good!




Cool stop-motion claymation

Since I recently posted about Google honoring Gumby’s creator, I happened to come across this video and thought it was very cool.

It was created by a London-based artist named Nicos Livesey. He creates them by making loaves of plasticine with intricate designs in them. He then slices them and stop-motion photographs them, creating these interesting animations.


Via Colossal


The Substitute on MTV

This has nothing to do with toys. But my son is on this show. Be sure to watch it!


Fire-Breathing Lego Dragon

This exellent Lego dragon not only looks cool, he breathes fire!

I’m not sure what sets the Lego came from to create this. Maybe this one?

Via Gizmodo

Jesse & Joy – Chocolate

Today’s post is a cool video from Jesse & Joy. It’s in Spanish, so I have no idea what they are saying, but it’s cool and fun. The video is made from cookies and other yummy candies and such.





Let’s hope Sony’s Tablet is faster than their video

I love Rube Goldberg devices, and I’ve posted videos of some of them on this blog in the past. I came across this video on Gizmodo this morning, and they blasted it for being slow and boring. At first I disagreed because I thought the shadow portion was innovative and very cool. But I have to say that everything after that was painful. This is the 1st installment of 5 episodes. Let’s hope the others are better.

Via Gizmodo

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