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Santa Decorates Your Tree

I saw this cute Santa toy at Cracker Barrel last weekend. Santa climbs up a ladder with a string of lights to decorate the tree.

Although I’d seen him at Cracker Barrel he is available at Amazon:



Big Bang Theory Lego!

Check out this awesome new set on its way from Lego!

Yes, it’s the Big Bang Theory. It includes the entire gang in Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment. There are many great accessories including chinese food, the Green Lantern lantern, a whiteboard, and other great things. On the wall they’ve even included something it took me some research to identify as a large fuse holder. The set will come out in August, 2015 and sell for about $60.00

Via Gizmodo

Dave’s Cool Toy of the Day: HUGE Gummy Python

gummy python
The whopping Gummy Python

This gummy snake is huge! Weighing in at just under 27 pounds it would be quite an undertaking to eat. He’s almost 8 foot long, packs 36,720 calories, and serves 306.

He’s really quite realistic for a gummy with spots, ridged coils, fully molded scales, and detailed eyes.

And he’s hand made in the US!

The gummy python is available in Blue Raspberry/Green Apple and Red Cherry/Blue Raspberry and costs a fairly steep $149.99 and is available at VAT19.

Imagine how awesome this guy would be at a kids party. He’d steal the show and they’d be talking about it for quite a while.

Via Gizmodo

Dave’s Cool Toy of the Day: Big Head Squirrel Feeder

big head squirrel feeder
Big Head Squirrel Feeder.

One word. Awesome.

I love squirrels. They are amazing animals. I love watching them in the yard, defying gravity in the trees, and just being awesome.

What could make watching them even better? The Big Head Squirrel Feeder.

Hang this feeder in front of a window or somewhere you can watch, fill it with things squirrels like to eat, and sit back and watch. Squirrels stick their head up into the feeder to eat and it looks like they have a giant cartoon head. Genius.

Be sure to keep a camera nearby. You’ll want to get pictures of your little squirrel buddies with their big head to post on Facebook.

The vinyl Big Head Squirrel Feeder is 5.5" x 8", has holes in the ears for hanging, and is available at Archie McPhee


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Dave’s Cool Toy of the Day: Alien Chest Burster Plush

alien plush
An Alien to Call Your Own

This awesome plush alien is officially licensed from 20th Century Fox and is an exact scale replica of the original baby xenomorph from Alien, which burst from Kane’s chest.

He’s 48 inches long, made of smooth velour and matches the color of the film alien. But best of all, a wire runs from the head to the tail, allowing you to pose your little alien any way you want.

This Alien Chest-burster Plush
is just what you need to cuddle with you on a cold night.

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Dave’s Cool Toy of the Day: Han Solo in Carbonite Crayons

han solo crayons
Han Solo Crayons

Etsy seller "extramoneyformommy" is selling these awesome Han Solo encased in carbonite crayons.

There was a set of 8 selling for only $4.00, but by the time I checked them out they were sold today. Hopefully there she will make more and they will be available again soon.

Currently she has 5 sets of 8 available for only $20.00. This is an amazing deal for a birthday party favor.

r2d2 crayons

R2 Crayons

One set consists of 8 crayons in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, and black. They are 1 3/4 inches tall and 3/4 inch wide and are made from 100% re-melted crayola crayons.

Get them quick before George Lucas or Crayola shuts her down!

She has other crayons available such as R2D2, Darth Vadar Heads (sorry, technically they are "Lord Black Helmet" crayons), and Yoda. In addition to crayons she makes sidewalk chalk and bath fizzies.

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Dave’s Cool Toy of the Day: The Toy with No Name

Check out this post by a guy named Jamie. He has invented a cool walking robot toy and he’s looking for a name for it. You can leave your suggestions in the comments section of the video on YouTube and if they use your name, you will get a robot.

Jamie is a bit… enthusiastic… and, perhaps disorganized in this video, but it does look like a cool toy. Check it out.


Dave’s Cool Toy of the Day: Quantum Levitation Racetrack (if it were real)

wipeout levitation video

The Wipeout track

There’s a video that caused some uproar online which appeared around Christmas of a very cool racetrack with two levitating cars racing around it. The cars, according to the inventors, are modeled after the vehicles in the video game WipeOut.

There was much discussion on whether or not it was real. It was not.

There are some clues in the video. For one, the inventors claim to be from the Japan Institute of Science and Technology, which doesn’t exists. At 1:15 the smoke trailing from the car overlays the walls of the track (very sloppy). They are never very clear on how they are controlling the cars. They use the name "Wipeout" at the end. And lastly, the credits say "(C) Copyright! All rights reserved belong to Sony Entertainment and SCE Studio Liverpool."

It turns out that the video was a viral ad for the new Sony videogame wipEout 2048.

Of course many folks felt deceived and cheated by the video. Presumably, they were planning on buying it. Not sure where they were planning on getting the liquid nitrogen.

But this video reminded me of an actual video that is in some ways more amazing than the fake one. This one is by the Association of Science-Technology Centers and it features a real quantum levitation track.

Below is the fake game video followed by the real quantum levitation video.





Dave’s Cool Toy of the Day: Medieval Pushpins

medieval pushpins

Medeival Pushpins to hold up your medeival stuff

The next time you need to pin up a notice at work, do it in medieval style with these cool medieval pushpins. Your notes are sure to be noticed when it’s tacked to the bulletin board with an axe! Each one is about an inch long not including the pin. They come in sets of 10, 2 each of 5 different axes and sword handles including a Sabre, Single Handed, Broadsword, Katana, and Axe.

The Medieval Pushpins are available on Amazon for $13.00.




medieval pushipins


Dave’s Cool Toy of the Day: Bloody Organ Meats

dollar store meat
Dollar Store Organs

I love the dollar store. A lot of the stuff they sell is stuff I wouldn’t spend a dollar for. But this week I got a great deal on Halloween decorations. In fact I may go back for more before they are all gone.

For just a dollar each, I picked up the two bloody organ meats shown here. I picked the brain and the heart, but they had other organs as well.

They are packaged in a bloody tray and shrink-wrapped complete with a humorous label. The label on the brains says “Bogus Brains. Suggested Serving – Braised Left Lobe with lightly sauteed fava beans”. The hears label says “Cheating Heart. Suggested Serving – Ice cold, single portion with a lovely green sauce”.

I purchased them at our local Dollar Tree Store. Find one near you and get your organ meat while they last!

UPDATE: I found these on Amazon, but the price is $9.99! Big difference. They have the heart and brain.





Dave’s Cool Toy of the Day: Hand Bubblers

hand bubbler
Green Spiral Hand Bubbler

One of my favorite toys is the Hand Bubbler, sometimes called Hand Boilers.

Not only do they look stunning sitting on a shelf, but they are addictive to play with.

They don’t really do too much, but what they do is really cool. You simply pick one up and hold the bottom bulb in your hand and the fluid expands up the tube and into the top bulb. After a bit, it starts bubbling in the top bulb, thus the name "Hand Bubbler".

I have one that sits on a shelf by my desk (shown here). While I’m working I like to take it down and bubble it. Every so often, I’ll be sitting here working and something catches my attention out of the corner of my eye. It will be my hand bubbler, slowly bubbling on it’s own. I’m not really sure why it does that.

They come in lots of shapes and sizes. There are even pens with little bubblers on the top. Dave’s Cool Toys carries an assortment of four colors and shapes. When you order, you will get a random selection. If you order more than one, we will ship different ones.

Hand Bubbler are also used as an experimental tool to demonstrate Charles’s Law and vapor-liquid equilibrium. The liquid’s boiling point in the bottom bulb is just above room temperature. When you hold it in your hand, it starts to boil and is forced up the tube as the gasses in the bottom bulb expand. When you release it, the gasses are able to condense and the liquid goes back down into the bottom bulb. You can speed this up by holding the top bulb in your hand.

They are sometimes also sold as "Love Meters".

Hand Bubblers are a great toy, but they are not really meant for children due to their all-glass construction as well as the volatile fluid inside.


Dave’s Cool Toy of the Day: Chalk Chess

Chalk Chess

This is the coolest chess set I’ve ever seen.

It’s a basic, standard chess set, except that it’s made of chalk. Want to play a game of chess on the street? Just take out your chess pieces, and draw a chess board on the sidewalk and set up a game.

Both the white and black pieces are made of chalk, so you can draw with either black or white on most any surface that chalk works on.

Of course, you could just buy a plastic chess set and bring some chalk along. But this is WAY cooler. And it’s a great gift for a chess enthusiast.

But what happens when the pieces start to wear down and your queen is falling over because she doesn’t have a good base anymore? Or your pawn is reduced to a nubbin? At just $20 for the set, it’s enough of a bargain that you can order another and replace the pieces as they wear down.

Chalk Chess in action. How exciting!

Via Coolest toys

Dave’s Cool Toy of the Day: Sixfinger


I came across this the other day on the web and it dredged up memories that were long gone. I’d completely forgotten that I owned one of these and thought it was the coolest! My cousin also owned one.

What did it do? What DIDN’T it do?

Essentially, it was an extra finger. You’d kinda grip it in your hand and supposedly nobody would notice your extra finger. As far as I know, it only came in one color, so, as was very common at that time, it would only work for Caucasian kids.

Sixfinger in it’s blister pack

There were inserts that you stuck in the end of the finger:
One was a ballpoint pen, so you could write with your finger.
One was a cap bomb. You’d load a cap in the bomb and shoot it and it would go off on impact. Probably.
One was a basic bullet.
One was a message bullet. You could write a message on a small slip of paper (with your ballpoint finger, I suppose) and insert it into the message bullet and fire it to your friend a few feet away and they could then read your "secret" message.
One was a fragmentation bomb. Not terribly useful, especially after you lost the single fragment.
The last one was an "SOS" for "quick help". I don’t remember that one. But apparently it was just a missile with "SOS" printed on it so your friends could come running to your aid… from four feet away.

One last "extra" features was the secret code clicker, it sent secret messages in Morse code, by clicking the trigger, I guess.

Sixfinger was made by Topper toys and sold for "under $2.00" sometime in the mid 60’s. The packaging says it was "The Most Amazing Toy Ever!". Check out the commercial below.

I wish they made this toy today. But the liability would probably be an issue for a manufacturer. I’ll have to keep an eye out for a used one. I found one on eBay, but they are asking $55.00 for it.

"How did I ever get along with five?"

Dave’s Cool Toy of the Day: Dr. Who Complete Minifig Set

Dr. Who Minifig Box Set

My son and I are Dr. Who fans. And who’s not a fan of Lego?

Later this month a beautiful boxed Dr. Who Minifig set will be available for purchase. You can pre-order now.

The set features all 11 Doctors with bases in a dark blue TARDIS display box.

The doctors that used a sonic screwdriver do come with it.

The entire set is currently selling for $39.99 (preorder), and it is expected to ship sometime later in August. For $2.00 more you can upgrade your order to "Collector’s Grade" which ships with extra packaging to assure that the item arrives in perfect condition and the box has no tears of flaws.

These are not produced by Lego and the box simply states "compatible". Not sure what that means. I did find them referred to in some articles as "Lego style".

There also seem to be plans for a lot more of these including companions and villains. Yes, also including Daleks.

The 11 doctors in Minifig form

Via Nerd Approved

Dave’s Cool Toy of the Day: Jupiter-bound Lego Minifigs

Three Lego Minifigs ready to blast-off

Three Lego Minifigs will (hopefully) blast-off on their way to Jupiter today, August 5, 2011 on the Juno space probe.

They aren’t actual plastic production Minifigs. Rather, they are specially constructed aluminum Minifigures created just for the mission. They are the same size all the standard Minifig.

The three figures are the Roman god Jupiter, his wife June, and Galileo.

The Lego project was a secret until August 3, when it was announced. It was initiated by NASA scientists, who apparently love Lego. They approached Lego and the company loved the project, and underwrote the cost to produce the three figures for $5,000 each. They had to be specially constructed to assure that they wouldn’t interfere with the spacecraft or it’s instruments.

Lego will feature the trio’s adventure on their Lego Space site.

Soon, the three Minifigs will be the fastest moving toys in the universe, they will eventually be the farthest toys from Earth (that we know of), and eventually, the Juno probe will purposefully de-orbit and crash, along with it’s "passengers" into Jupiter, so that the Minifigs will become part of the planet.

In Greek and Roman mythology, Jupiter drew a veil of clouds around himself to hide his mischief. Juno was able to peer through the clouds and reveal Jupiter’s true nature. Galileo Galilei made several important discoveries about Jupiter, including the four largest satellites of Jupiter (named the Galilean moons in his honor).

Each figure includes features that represent these characteristics. Jupiter carries a lightning bolt, Juno has a magnifying glass to represent her search for truth, Galileo is carrying a telescope and a model of the planet Jupiter.

The launch period for Juno opens Aug. 5 and extends through Aug. 26. The spacecraft is expected to arrive at Jupiter in 2016. The mission will investigate the gas giant’s origins, structure, atmosphere and magnetosphere and will provide close-up images of Jupiter, including the first detailed glimpse of the planet’s poles.

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