Dave’s Cool Toy of the Day: Sixfinger


I came across this the other day on the web and it dredged up memories that were long gone. I’d completely forgotten that I owned one of these and thought it was the coolest! My cousin also owned one.

What did it do? What DIDN’T it do?

Essentially, it was an extra finger. You’d kinda grip it in your hand and supposedly nobody would notice your extra finger. As far as I know, it only came in one color, so, as was very common at that time, it would only work for Caucasian kids.

Sixfinger in it’s blister pack

There were inserts that you stuck in the end of the finger:
One was a ballpoint pen, so you could write with your finger.
One was a cap bomb. You’d load a cap in the bomb and shoot it and it would go off on impact. Probably.
One was a basic bullet.
One was a message bullet. You could write a message on a small slip of paper (with your ballpoint finger, I suppose) and insert it into the message bullet and fire it to your friend a few feet away and they could then read your "secret" message.
One was a fragmentation bomb. Not terribly useful, especially after you lost the single fragment.
The last one was an "SOS" for "quick help". I don’t remember that one. But apparently it was just a missile with "SOS" printed on it so your friends could come running to your aid… from four feet away.

One last "extra" features was the secret code clicker, it sent secret messages in Morse code, by clicking the trigger, I guess.

Sixfinger was made by Topper toys and sold for "under $2.00" sometime in the mid 60’s. The packaging says it was "The Most Amazing Toy Ever!". Check out the commercial below.

I wish they made this toy today. But the liability would probably be an issue for a manufacturer. I’ll have to keep an eye out for a used one. I found one on eBay, but they are asking $55.00 for it.

"How did I ever get along with five?"

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  • Derek Del Vecchio says:


    My name is Derek delvecchio and I was wondering if you are looking to sell it because my dad is turning 60 and he always talked about this toy from his childhood .

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