Dave’s Cool Toy of the Day: Nike Tranformer Shoe


Megatron shoe. How odd.

Today’s toy isn’t new. But it’s very cool.

This Nike shoe can’t actually be worn, but it does transform into a bad ass robot. These official Nike miniature Transformer shoes are about six inches long when they are shoes and they transform into a likeness of either Megatron or Optimus Prime. Once they transform, the robot is wearing a very miniature version of the original shoe. They don’t come in sets, but as a single shoe.

The description notes that “Convoy” is the Japanese name for Optimus Prime, which is true, so it seems as if they were only sold in Japan.

They seem as if they are official Transformer items. The information I’ve found is very hard to tell if they were official or knockoffs. It does seem to have been released by Nike Japan and Takar Tomy, and it has the Nike logo and, I think, the Transformers logo on the robot (it’s hard to see in all the images I’ve found).

These must have been out for some time since they seem to have been tied-in to the first Transformer’s movie.

They sold in Japan for the equivalent of about $33.00 (although some places I see them as having sold for $95.50), but I have found them on Amazon selling for a VERY Pricey $160.00!

One thing this transformer shoe illustrates very well that I’ve always noticed about these toys is that in their shoe version, they look just like a shoe, but in their robot version, they are generally so complex that it hides the fact that there’s still a lot of “shoe” left behind.

I originally found a great video of this toy, but it can’t be embedded here. There’s another video below and you can see the original video here.


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