Cool Toy of the Day: Sonic Search

Sonic Search
Sonic Search Package

Our Cool Toy today is another pool toy, the Sonic Search Game. This is another twist on the diving toy. But this time it’s sonic! Turn on the cool plastic device, toss or hide it in the pool, and it starts to emit a sonar-like beep that you can hear underwater. Use the sound to try to locate it and disarm it before 60 seconds are up. After 60 seconds, the alarm sounds. Once you have found and stopped Sonic Search, it will tell you the time, so you can try to best it or keep score (no more timing the kid’s dives). Once the alarm sounds, it will no longer give a time.

I would expect that because Sonic Search is clear, it might be hard to see in the pool, making the beeps more useful. But it does seem like you could just look for it. It also hadn’t occurred to me that you could tell the direction of the beeps underwater, but it seems you can!

Ages 5 and up. Suggested retail $11.99

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