Cool Toy of the Day: Silly Bandz

silly bandz
Silly Bandz

After yesterday’s post about the most expensive toys on Amazon, I started wondering what the most popular toys on Amazon were.

The single most popular toy on Amazon at this time is Silly Bandz. Specifically, Silly Bandz Fun Shapes 24 Pack. Silly Bandz and similar items have become extremely popular everywhere in the last few months and is certainly the hottest toy this summer. Originally just rubber bands, kids have started wearing them as bracelets, giving them away, and trading them. We recently had a family trip to the beach in New Jersey and the boardwalk was full of crane games with Silly Bandz as the prize. Apparently they are so popular that they are causing a distraction in some schools, causing them to be banned. This is a sure sign that kids will want them. Titus Elementary School in Warrington, PA had a novel idea. They banned Silly Bandz, but if students or parents donated $1.00 to a Haitian relief fund, they could wear a few Silly Bandz, and if they donated $5.00 they could wear as many as they want. The school raised $1,700 in less than a week.

There are even entire websites and blogs dedicated to Silly Bandz

The most sought-after Silly Band is reportedly the Phoenix
, with the dollar sign in second place. The top ten (from most- to less-popular) is:

  1. Phoenix
    silly bandz phoenix
    Silly Bandz Phoenix
  2. Dollar Sign
  3. Dragon
  4. Gecko
  5. Baseball
  6. Tree Frog
  7. Rock Handz
  8. Gorilla
  9. Longhorn
  10. Bronco

They are made from Silicone, so there is not a latex allergy issue with them. And they are relatively inexpensive at about $5.00 a pack. You just may want to check with your child’s school before letting them take them along.

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