Cool Toy of the Day: Hansa Grand Dragon

A very expensive crafty Christmas

It’s the last shopping day of the holiday season. So I got to wondering what the most expensive toy on Amazon might be.

So I did a quick search and my results were the award-winning Crafty Christmas costing $726,098.00!


What could possibly make Crafty Christmas that expensive?

A quick look at the description made it clear. The kit includes "holiday stickers, buttons, felt, sequins, sticky gems and more". That stuff doesn’t come cheap!

Crafty Christmas isn’t technically sold by Amazon. Clicking the link actually takes you off-site to the actual reseller. On their site the price is a slightly more modest $29.98, leading me to believe that the price on Amazon is a mistake. (You think?)

So I continued on to try to find the most expensive legitimate toy. The next most expensive was a Modular Playground costing $50,441.40. That price certainly makes a bit more sense, although I wonder what made them add the 40 cents to the price. But it’s not quite a toy.

Next I found the "Estes Apollo Saturn Flying Scale Model" for $14,986.75. Hmmm. I don’t think that’s an accurate price. There was no description, but I found it elsewhere on Amazon for about $70. My search continues.

What I found next is amazing.

The Stunning Hansa Grand Dragon Could be Yours

It’s the Hansa Grand Dragon. The price is $12,499.95. And I think that one is legitimate.

The Hansa Grand Dragon is a full-scale plush animal. It’s 116" long (over 10 feet) 40" wide and 98" high. Hansa plush animals are hand-sewn inside-out resulting in minimization of seams. Their bodies are "sculpted" so you get the impression of underlying musculature. Some of their creations have as many as 240 different parts. Stuffing is done by hand and carefully placed. Since they are not machine made, each one is unique, with slight variations. The Grand Dragon is a special order. Oddly, Amazon charges $8.95 shipping.

Hansa makes more reasonably priced plush and they do look absolutely realistic. Prices are in the more reasonable $10-$50 range. I absolutely love the Plush Elephant Mouse costing just $14.00. And if you’d like to see an amazing example of their quality, check out the Beige Hen, costing $49.75. It’s absolutely worth the price.

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